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RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, New York - Featuring Hudson Valley Artists: "Transcendental" - New Oil Paintings by Kevin Cook. See something you like - email or call us - we do ship!!

October 11 - Nov 2 - "Transcendental"

New Oil Paintings by Kevin Cook

Beacon Second Saturday

Kevin Cook

Wings of Light - 24 x 36, oil painting

RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street in Beacon presents “Transcendental” - new oil paintings by Kevin Cook. Kevin Cook is an accomplished landscape painter whose style, although strongly influenced by Hudson River School artists of the nineteenth century, bears his own fresh contemporary sensibility. A recent loss in his life has brought new emotion to his paintings. The opening reception for the show is October 11, 5 – 8pm (Beacon Second Saturday).  This show runs through November 2, 2014. for more info..

The hole in the wall from the car crash is being fixed by the master Beacon Brick Man - Pat Kerr!

RiverWinds Gallery

RiverWinds Gallery

Unfortunately a car drove into the side of the gallery on Tuesday Sept 30. The driver walked away... and no one else was hurt.

RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery Riverwinds GalleryRiverWinds Gallery

Three layers of brick came into the gallery... causing alot of damage to the ceramics, photographs, cutting boards, etc...But wonderful people came and helped us... got rid of the bricks and debris, helped us dust (brick dust is pretty overwhelming) and cleaned the floors...

RiverWinds  Gallery RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery

But on Friday just as we were about to open - the ceiling started to leak due to the pipes having been loosened during the crash! Water has been shut off and we have cleaned up once more.

RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery

By Beacon Second Saturday we were looking pretty good...thanks to alot of folks...and alot of cleaning!

our landlord Michael Benzer boarded up the hole

Marilyn Price brought in new ceramics

Linda T. Hubbard brought in new photographs....

RiverWinds Gallery

RiverWinds Gallery

Please come and support our artists... some of which have had significant losses. When repairs are being done, we will have to close again...dates will be posted.

We have held over Ellen Metzger O'Shea's work... so loved her paintings.. and there was a car crash ... so please come if you missed her show....

Ellen Metzker O'Shea

Going Home: Looking Out, 12 x 12

Gifts from the Heart for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays & all the Special Events in your Life and Wonderful Decor for your Home or Office:

RiverWinds Gallery

Jewelry, Cutting Boards, Mugs/Bowls/Plates, Hudson Valley Paintings and Photographs, Books, Scarves and more!

Upcoming Show Info

Buone Feste - Our Holiday Show

Linda T Hubbard


Monthly Drawing - Come to the gallery and leave your business card....drawing every 2 months! This month - Photo by Linda T. Hubbard

Linda T Hubbard - Venice

Best of the Hudson Valley

RiverWinds Gallery has been voted best Art Gallery in the Hudson Valley 2014 - second year in a row!!


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RiverWinds @ Chill, 173 Main St.

Karl LaLonde

Photographs by Karl LaLonde

Need a memento of Beacon and the Hudson Valley - we have special Beacon Gifts

We periodically put out news about our shows and new works by our artists.....If you would like to receive this - please send your email to info@riverwindsgallery.com

Beacon, NY


Art Services available through our artists..

Photography Mentoring, Portfolio Review and Destination Workshop - Mary Ann Glass

Home/Office Artwork Placement: We will come to your house and help you hang your artwork, whether you bought it at RiverWinds or elsewhere - Linda T. Hubbard and Mary Ann Glass

Digital Printing and Photo Classes - Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

Customized Jewelry, especially for brides and their maids - Virginia Donovan


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If you have questions about fitting artwork into your home, we work with interior designers that can assist you in creating the house of your dreams. One designer is located in Beacon and has a marvelous sense about color, composition and texture - Barbara Hanson .

We will be posting more about this soon..but do come into the Gallery with your questions.

Here is an example of one of Linda T. Hubbard's photos in a hallway.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Leddy

Linda T. Hubbard

RiverWinds Gallery - photo by

photo by Rafael Quirindongo - before the crash into the wall

RiverWinds Gallery

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